icon Job Title
Primary Responsibilities
  • Assist patrons by opening and closing doors, carrying/loading items and shopping bags.
  • Provide directions and information on facilities.
  • Assist guests in calling taxis, transportation and accommodation reservations.
  • Run errands such as picking up and sending items/parcels.
  • Handle face-to-face interactions and attend to enquiries via telephone.
  • Handle and resolve customer enquiries and complaints promptly.
  • Perform customer verifications and manage their details and databases.
  • Provide additional safety and security measures.
  • Direct requests (and unresolved) issues to the designated resource or department.
  • Follow up on customer interactions.
  • Provide feedback on the efficiency of the customer service process.
  • Prepare reports and duty rosters.

  Skill Requirements
  • Service-oriented with at least 3 years’ experience in guest services.
  • Pleasant outlook and personality with a great smile and can-do attitude.
  • Able to multitask and adaptable.
  • Physically fit.
  • Adequate command of the English language and Bahasa Malaysia (Spoken and written) knowledge of other languages (e.g. Mandarin) would be a plus.
  • Good interpersonal-communication and presentation skills.
  • Good strategic and analytical thinking skills.
  • IT-savvy, skillful with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Creative and driven.
  • Able to work independently and in a team.
  • Resourceful and willing to learn.
  • Meticulous/possess a keen eye for detail.
  • Sociable and fun-loving.
  • Able to work on shifts and on public holidays.