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Primary Responsibilities
  • Support the Operations Manager in aspects of maintenance (including M&E systems and building services) and operations. He is to assist the Operations Manager in overseeing the preventive maintenance schedules and ensure the performance of all service contractors are up to standard and ensure CPN’s policies (i.e. Incident Injury Free & sustainability) are adhered.
  • Gather and check facilities (water, electricity, gas, cooling air, telephone, cooker hood) consumption data and submit report to finance team.
  • Recommend common fee charge rate.
  • Implementation of CPN’s policies (includes Incident Injury Free, Sustainability)
  • Staff Development and create a strong and efficient engineering and housekeeping team
  • Co-ordination & Communication with internal and external parties
  • Management of service contracts and contractors and handle insurance cases
  • Preparation of monthly reports
  • Ensure that the OPEX under his responsibility are not over spend 
  • Establish good relationship with tenants and occupants of the Shopping Centre
  • Ensure that the Centre operation complies with all local codes and authorities regulations.
  • Assist in ad-hoc small scale upgrading both the Shopping Centre and retails/tenant shop
  • Manage, maintain and upkeep the mall and facilities to meet statutory regulations, health, environmental and safety standards within optimal resources usage and budget. 
  • Keep up to date with legislation and demonstrate an awareness of approaching changes and major case law. Pre-empt legislative issues which may affect the properties under management and ensure that team members share the knowledge. 
  • Ensure that the staff and all contractors carry out safe work practices during maintenance, ad-hoc or renovation works.
  • Ensure that any staff initiatives on Incident and Injury Free (IFF) and Sustainability policies and others are brought to the attention of the management.
  • Work and understands IIF policy and assists the stakeholders i.e. tenants, contractors, staffs, shoppers etc. in understanding IIF and achieving the company’s goals.
  • Safety induction to all internal service contractors and tenants’ contractors on Incident Injury Free policy and ensure safety work procedure and job safety analysis are strictly implemented.
  • Able to train staff on fundamental trouble shooting and handling of all M&E systems.
  • Able to chair the daily staff briefing in the absences of Operation Manager.
  • Guide the staff and colleagues in understanding the procedure and develop the operation team including setting goals, development of staff etc.
  • Provide training to the staff on operation of systems in the shopping centre.
  • Root cause investigation and execution of maintenance works within the shopping centre. 
  • Ensure efficient and effective operations of the shopping centre. 
  • Execute the operation and maintenance functions within the shopping centre. 
  • Ensure the properties under management are adequately insured and identify any potential insurance risks in the properties while carrying out site inspections. 
  • Provide supporting services for events and marketing promotions within the shopping centre. 
  • Assist in developing Annual Operating and Capital Expenditure Budget. 
  • Schedule the duty roaster of the maintenance team.
  • Able to perform simple inventory keeping.
  • Able to facilitate the mall activities such as annual shutdown, testing, etc.
  • Assist the Operation Manager in ensuring that all maintenance systems are carried out as per schedule and in good condition.
  • Able to performance basis maintenance and trouble shoot M&E systems.
  • Prepare simple reports of systems faults and/or trouble shoot finding for improvement works or insurance purposes.
  • Familiar with the code of practices of M&E trades and authorities requirements.
  • Assist the Operation Manager in all building submission i.e. domestic water test, structural inspection, Professional Engineer endorsement on signage, etc. 
  • Maintain good working relationship with external parties such as relevant authorities, government bodies and/or non-government organization.
  • Assist with other team i.e. marketing/leasing department on events for centre or handing over of tenancies. 
  • Handle customers’ complaints/feedbacks.
  • Ensure that all maintenance preventives are kept in schedule and the performance of the service contractors are up to standard.
  • Handle all insurance claims cases and follow-up actions required.
  • Prepare the monthly reports of the team and update the Operation Manager the on the status of the team.
  • Familiarize the local code of practices and regulations.
  • Assist the Operation Manager in overseeing small scale upgrading projects and other system replacement projects.
  • Manage the contract and service providers.
  • Manage and supervise all contractors / suppliers. Adhere strictly to all codes, regulations and laws with regard to health and safety of buildings and work place. Ensure only approved service providers / contractors are instructed. Regularly monitor service delivery of service providers / contractors. 
  • Attend to all periodic M&E, building, housekeeping and landscaping matters. 
  • Oversee and coordinate retailer fit out works
  • Able to chair the monthly contractor meeting in the absences of Operation Manager.
  • Review of all service contractors’ safety work procedure and advise them accordingly.
  • Other duties that may assign by the Operations Manager/Centre Manager - Centre Management Office of I-City Shopping Centre.

  Skill Requirements
  • Degree in Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Building Surveying/Estate Management/Building Science. 
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in shopping centre maintenance management or relevant industry experience.
  • Familiar with M&E and local code of practice for various M&E trade including fire-fighting system, air-conditioning and CCTV system.
  • Familiar with relevant statutory and local authority regulations including Road, Drainage and Building act 1974, Uniform Building by Laws 1984, Factories and Machineries Act 1967 and Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994.
  • Familiar with submission procedures to various authorities.
  • Financial management skills including budgeting and forecasting will be an advantage.
  • Ability to work unsupervised and within a small team.
  • Excellent in communication skills – including relationship building.